Coming Soon! Anybody Killa Announces New Record “Tampon Juice”

Yes, it’s true. The Psychopathic Hatchet Warrior/ Native World INC founder Anybody Killa just announced his upcoming LP will be “Tampon Juice”. We know fans have been wilin’ out in anticipation awaiting for a new ABK LP for quite some time, but who the hell would’ve guessed it’d be titled “Tampon Juice” of all titles?! But that’s what’s makes Psychopathic Records so fresh. Always expect the unexpected from the label that runs beneath the street.  No word on an official release date or track-list. We just know “Tampon Juice” is coming soon and its bout to get raunchy for the underground! Stay tuned to all of ABK’s social media pages and for more news regarding the release of “Tampon Juice”.


from Faygoluvers


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