Amazing Jeckel Brothers 20 Year Anniversary Merch Now Available!

20 years ago tomorrow, May 25th, 1999, one of the biggest releases in ICP’s career hit store shelves with a vengeance!  I know that it’s a favorite Joker’s Card for many Juggalos, and a 20 year anniversary is cause for celebration!

As stated by Kegan and Jumpsteady on last night’s episode of The Juggalo Show, a new line of merchandise has been launched at to commemorate both Jake and Jack Jeckel! Check out the shirts, hats, beanies, and hoodies by clicking on the pic below:

Click to view AJB Merch @

The new designs of T-shirts are $25.00, hats and beanies are $35.00, and hoodies are $85.00.

The banner states that other AJB items are 20% off until May 28th but as of now, there are no new sales items.  Maybe they’ll do it tomorrow for the anniversary.  Either way, keep an eye on the Sale Items @ for those deals!

Happy Birthday Jake and Jack!

from Faygoluvers


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