Mr. Grey reveals “Vicious Vendetta” Solo Album Track list

Earlier today, Mr. Grey of Gorilla Voltage dropped in on his social media accounts to reveal the 14 song track list to his upcoming solo: Vicious Vendetta!

This may be some material that he’s been sitting on for a while, as there’s a 3 year-old sampler available to check out on his Soundcloud!  More on that soon.  First, check the tracklist:

Mr. Grey-Vicious Vendetta

  1. Asshole
  2. Kick In The Door feat. Diabolic, C-Mob, Wildcard
  3. Psycho Cypher Zae Remix feat. Joe Cutter, ClockworC, Dirtbag Dan, Hopsin
  4. Lullaby feat. Slaine, Madchild
  5. Little White Lie Remix feat. Twisted Insane, C-Mob, Philip Solo
  6. My Decent
  7. There Will Be Blood
  8. The Duldrums
  9. Pill Cosby
  10. Lavish
  11. The Spirit Molecule
  12. Is This It?
  13. Untold feat. ClockworC, Bunny Chiba, Joe Cutter, Gravedigger, Whodat Peez
  14. tba

Peep the sampler here:

We’ll bring you more info on this release as soon as it’s available!

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