Lyte Starts Youtube Channel: Lyte Lyfe Tv! [Subscribe Now!]

Our homie Lyte just started a brand new Youtube channel that he’s calling “Lyte Lyfe TV”.  This won’t just be a channel for music videos, but will actually give you a more personal look at everything going down with Lyte and Monstar Entertainment!

Here’s the catch though, in order for him to start providing content, he needs all Juggalos to go and subscribe!  His first video will be posted at 5,000 subscribers!  Here’s the official word from Lyte himself.

From Lyte @ Facebook:

Subscribe to my new youtube channel
(Lyte Lyfe Tv📺 ), for blogs ,music , videos & other behind the scenes fresh stuff going on in my crazy ass Lyfe
I’m going to wait til I have at least 5,000 subscribers before I publish the 1st release on the channel
So run 🏃‍♀️ 🏃 it up , and follow the Lyte leeetttsssgoooooo!!!!!

All you have to do is go to THIS LINK and hit the “Subscribe” button!  Do it now so you don’t forget!

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