Hatchet Radio Is Returning This Saturday, April 6th!

Our homie Adam from the what we thought was the defunct online radio station Hatchet Radio has hit us up to let us know that they are preparing for a comeback! The website HatchetRadio.net will be returning this coming Saturday, April 6th at 8:00pm EST!

For some of the more newer(ish) school Juggalos that don’t remember, Hatchet Radio was the fuckin’ bomb back in the day! Violent J even wrote a jam for the station back in ’05 that a few of you have likely heard called “Something Underground.” It was by far the shittiest quality track I’ve ever heard from The Duke but it was still fresh nonetheless.

Check out that track by CLICKING HERE.

Hit up these ninjas up on their Facebook page by CLICKING HERE or hit up their Relaunch events page for more info.

Hatchet Radio. And they don’t play no shady hoes. It ain’t about tours, TV or videos.

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