Guess Ouija Macc’s Next Music Video, Win A Copy of “50 Shades of Dead”

Right now the Ouija Macc Street Team is holdin’ a contest for a chance to win Ouija’s newest mixtape colorfully titled “50 Shades of Dead.” All you gotta do is guess which song he’ll be dropping as a music video next!

OK, so that’s not all you gotta do.

Hit up the Ouija Macc Street Team on Facebook by CLICKING HERE and hit that “like” button. Once you’ve done that, comment what you think the next video will be on the post below.

So what will it be? Bigot Basher? Human Waste? Denial (fuck, I hope so)?

If you’re lucky enough to get it right your name will be entered for a chance to win the mixtape!

Check out 50 Shades of Dead below.


from Faygoluvers


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