Xtra Overdoze “Viral Injection” Now Available For Purchase!

Shadow Army New York Emcee Xtra Overdoze just dropped a fire release titled “Viral Injection” and its bound to take over the underground rather quickly upon today’s official release, ninjas!


Official Track-listing:

Features 3 xtra Bonus Songs Only Available On Hard Copies Of Viral Injection!
1. Intrjection (Produced by Stir Crazy)
2. What The Deal (Produced by Abal)
3. My Mentality (Produced by Lingo)
4. Don’t Stop (Produced by Stir Crazy)
5. She A Freak (Produced by Outsiders Family Beats)
6. Sour Apple Ft. Lex The Hex Master (Produced by Lingo)
7. Red Dixie Cup (Produced by Outsiders Family Beats)
8. Dead Language (Produced by Zombie Aristocrats)
9. Wreck Shit Ft. Cody Manson (Produced by NdroidBeats)
10. I Got It (Produced by Outsiders Family Beats)
11. FTW4L (Produced by Stir crazy)

Purchase Here For Only 10 Bucks: https://www.soundsofxo.com/product/viral-injection-cd

from Faygoluvers


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