Vote for Twiztid on 99.7 FM The Blitz’s “Choose It Or Lose It” [Columbus, OH]

The Twiztid track “magic spellz” from their upcoming album Generation Nightmare has been a contender in a radio contest for the entire week.  There’s a rock station out of Columbus, Ohio called The Blitz that you can find at 99.7 FM.  Every weeknight at 8:20 PM, they conduct a Twitter vote between two songs: a contender, and the reigning champ.

For the past week, Twiztid has been SLAUGHTERING the competition, getting roughly 90% of the vote!  They aren’t going up against a bunch of no-name bands either.  We’re talking wins over Godsmack, Asking Alexandria, The Amity Affliction, and more!

From what a Columbus Juggalo told me, if they are undefeated, for 4 weeks straight, they retire the track as undefeated champs!

So now, what you need to do is go to this link to see who they’re facing:

And go to Twitter at this link:

Then get your votin’ on!  Let’s see if we can get Madrox and Monoxide in the Choose it or Lose It hall of fame!

If you aren’t familiar with the track, you can hear “magic spellz” below:

from Faygoluvers


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