For Your Seed and Storage Needs, Try NukeHeads

Do you like purple weed that taste like bubblegum? Do you grow marijuana or want to? Give NukeHeads a try next time you need to place an order for seeds!

Not only do they sell leading genetics, they offer state-of-the-art custom lab trays with your name on it! Using advanced 3D printing technology, NukeHeads ensures that every lab box  is customized to the customer—even special designs, which they offer free of charge. Even better? The boxes can withstand over 8,000 pounds of crushing force, ensuring maximum protection for your seeds!

For Your Seed and Storage Needs, Try NukeHeads

Courtesy of NukeHeads

With competitive prices, NukeHeads’ mission is to give customers the best options, as well as cater to pheno-hunters by offering strains from all over the world. To make the experience even better, they also created the first-ever voice-controlled grow light system that integrates with Amazon Alexa—be sure to check out their grow light site for high PAR and chlorophyll production-specific spectrums! 

For a selection of over 50 different marijuana strains, NukeHeads may be the best choice for you. And if you’re in the United States, they can get you your seeds and lab box fast with 2-day fast shipping. There’s no annoying waiting around for your product!

Check out for world-class marijuana strains, grow products, and genetics— everything they sell is 100% made in the United States!

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