Violent J Confirms 3rd Deck of Joker’s Cards! Explains Fred Fury and Recording Process!

On their recent visit to Psychopathic Headquarters, the Detroit News got some MAJOR NEWS BOMBS dropped in their laps, and they probably don’t even realize how fresh it is!

Ever since it has been revealed, there has been speculation as to what the numbers 665 mean.  I have seen some pretty good ones (6+6+5 = 17), and some off the wall ones.  One of our forum regulars, mikeysnider, posted months ago theorizing that there would be 3 Decks of Joker’s Cards.  The first 6, the second (and current) 6, and 5 more in the third deck.  That promises 7 more Joker’s Cards in ICP’s legacy.  Does that sound like a reach?

The Duke himself, Violent J, just confirmed it! He states:

We did 6 Joker’s Cards.  We’re doing another 6 right now.  We’re looking at the time table of our life, and we’re going to do the 5th, and the 6th.  Then we’re going to do a 3rd deck. But we’re not going to do 6-6-6.  We’re gonna stop at 5. There’s the message.  The 6 Joker’s Cards are going to end the same each deck.  Deck 1, deck 2, and deck 3 are going to end the same: Shangri-La and Hell’s Pit.  That’s your choice in life. They’re gonna end with the same message.  Each Joker’s card, as you know, is a lesson to look at yourself in another way…”

Hear all of this and MORE in this 2-1/2 minute clip below:

Damn…that’s a hell of a revelation!  What do you think of the concept of 3 decks?

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