Twiztid, Dirk Manning, MORE Interviewed on “Fresh Is The Word” Podcast: Haunted High-Ons Special

Our homie K-Fresh just hit us up with a link to the latest episode of his “Fresh Is the Word” Podcast.  It’s episode 127, and they’re deeming it the “Haunted High-Ons” Special.

It’s a fitting title because they have three different interviews with guests:

  • Jamie Madrox
  • Monoxide
  • Dirk Manning (author of Haunted High-Ons)
  • Marianna Pescosta (Haunted High-Ons artist)
  • Alessandro de Fornasari (Haunted High-Ons artist)

They discuss the origins of Haunted High-Ons, the story/art inspiration, releasing the new series The Darkness Rises, and much more!  Check out the 40 minute episode by clicking the play button below:

Get your copies of Haunted High-Ons here:

Find this and all prior episodes of Fresh is the Word Podcast here:

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