The Upcoming 5th Joker’s Card Is Mentioned Several Times on the Fearless Fred Fury Album

The producer of Fearless Fred Fury, Str8jaket posted up something on his personal Facebook page that definitely made me do a second take. I thought that ICP wasn’t thinking too far ahead when it came to the Joker’s Cards releases but apparently the name of the upcoming fifth Joker’s Card of the second deck is mentioned about eight times on the FFF album!

I hit up Str8jaket to see if it would be ok to post this information and he mentioned that this was also shown during the last Weekely Freekly Weekly. I guess I wasn’t watching to closely at the scroll bar at the bottom because this is what we got:

Check out the video for that below. The scrolling information can be found at around the 7:05 mark.

So, for you ninjas that have heard the album, what are you hearing? Anything that sounds like it could be the name of the next Joker’s Card?

Hit up our comments section and let us know what you think the name of the fifth will be.

from Faygoluvers


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