Tha Wikid One releases 6 Million Scoville Hot Sauce! Issues Wikid Hot Challenge

Our homie Tha Wikid One hit us up about a new venture that he’s looking to get the word out about.  He and his team have created an insanely hot (6-8 Million scoville) hot sauce that they’re calling “Wikid Hot”.

It’s a blend of Carolina Reaper peppers and pure capcasin extract, and a 2 oz bottle will set you back $24.95.

To celebrate the release of this crazy hot product, Tha Wikid One has come up with rules for The Wikid Hot Challenge!  Basically, you are setting your insides and asshole on fire for bragging rights.  Here are the rules:

Every good challenge has to have some kind of rules, right? Well as you can see from the video above, we pushed it as far as we could go, so we’ll just use that as a bench mark.

  • 4 Tacos, each with a generous slathering of Wikid Hot.
  • You have 10 minutes to finish the tacos.
  • Once your are finished, reset the timer for a 5 minute burn off.
  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED until you finish the burn off period.

We want to see you power through the pain! Record and upload your challenge video using the hashtag #WikidHotChallenge and we will share them on our page!

Tha Wikid One took the challenge himself and you can see the results below:

Do you want to take part in this?  Maybe you’re just a hot sauce connoisseur and want to snag your own bottle?  If so,  get your own bottle here:

If you happen to pick one up, let us know how it is, and whether or not you participated in the Wikid Hot Challenge yourself!

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