Mars Working Together with Pro-Skater Corey Duffel Trying To Save Skate Park in Concord, CA

The homie Mars has teamed up with pro skater Corey Duffel in attempt to save a skate park in Concord, CA.

They will be attending a city council meeting on February 26th to argue against removing the park to make way for a 18,000-seat soccer stadium, and a convention center and hotel.

You can check out the press release below.


From Force 5 Records:



National horrorcore rap act Mars has teamed up with globally known professional Skateboarder Corey Duffel to save a local Skatepark for the kids in their area threatened to be destroyed by wealthy local Developer Mark Hall to make way for a 18,000-seat soccer stadium, and a convention center and hotel. The two will be speaking in front of the Concord, CA City Council on February 26th bringing in tow hundreds of supporters for the parks preservation that range from Skateboarders, BMX Riders, and parents who are concerned removal of the park will push enthusiasts into the streets of the city where it is illegal and troublesome for many business owners and companies. Which means tickets and fines for the youth and headaches for the parents. Mars who also donates time and resources gathering food and personal items for the homeless community of his hometowns of Pittsburg and Antioch, CA voices his concern that the addition of a complex of this size also would raise the cost of local rent which has already made for some of the highest in the country and driving many people to have to look outside the bay for affordable housing. The story has already generated headlines across the Bay Area and has picked up support from major Skateboard companies and magazines such as Thrasher.

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