Joe Black of Alla Xul Elu Involved In A Car Accident; Faygoluvers Wishes Joe Speedy Safe Recovery!

Life throws the unexpected at us and luckily for us there is a chance of survival and a reminder to check on our loved ones more often or a lesson on choosing our last words wisely. Sadly, tonight on Joe Black’s of the almighty Alla Xul Elu personal social media he uploaded an image of a smashed up black car. It didn’t look good at all. I’m sure everyone’s heart skipped a beat or two upon first glance. But thankfully Joe Black’s exact words in his post were the following, Ima lil fucked up. But I was before this. Don’t worry the show will go on. RIP to the car tho.” 


We don’t know the cause of the accident or who’s at fault or if anyone else was even involved. Don’t feed in to any  bullshit rumors either.  The A.X.E. brothers may eventually (when they’re ready of course)  tell us themselves what really went down or maybe they never will. It’s their own business. Just be happy Joe survived. Most importantly everyone at wish  Mr. Black a speedy safe recovery and are immensely thankful our masked horror hound is alive and will pull through. Stay strong and rep that real wicket shit for life, Joe! Whoop! Whoop!


from Faygoluvers


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