J-Reno Dives Back Into His Sadist Persona! Releases Free Album W/ Labrynthine Titled “Surrounded By Flames”

Hailing from Windsor, Canada; J Reno represents the underground to it’s fullest! For over twenty years he’s been on the mic and even charted on the billboard top twenty-five  hip-hop with his masterpiece single, “Snap Music”. “Snap Music” originally appeared on the hip-hop compilation “Tunnel Runners” released by Psychopathic Records, “Snap Music” immediately put him even further in the underground spotlight.  Then J-Reno’s single “Hydro Bills” suddenly went viral across the web, including wide coverage by Vice News.  Lately he’s been wildly steady with his very own The Bunker Studios, a a multi-faceted production company based in Windsor, Ontario. Offering a wide selection of artist services including but not limited to recording, mixing, mastering, production, coaching & mentoring, graphic design, branding and video Editing. The Bunker was personally founded  J-Reno as a means to offer the local scene an affordable & professional recording experience in at atmosphere where an artists music is the center! Now  The hardcore lovers of underground music who’ve been following the Wicked Underground Hip-Hop scene since the early 2,000’s know Mr. Reno stage name used to simply be ” The Sadist”. We here at Faygoluvers have some kick ass news! Outta nowhere J-Reno decided to drop an entire free record for the fans under his Sadist personal titled “Surrounded By Flames” with fellow wicket spitter Labrynithine and its pure raw horror hip-hop front to back! 10 solid tracks that’s guaranteed to wake the dead due to its mind-melting murder rap content!


Bump “Surrounded By Flames” on full blast tonight at the link below. Don’t sleep on this fire!


The Official Collaboration Album between J Reno and Labrynthine


Released February 13, 2019

Produced, Engineered, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by J Reno at The Bunker Studios in Windsor, Ontario Canada.

Written by: J Reno & Labrynthine

Additional Lyrics provided by: Krimmy Van Skull & BAD MiND

from Faygoluvers


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