Violent J and Jumpsteady on The Juggalo Show Tonight!

Juggalos and Juggalettes….it’s Thursday, and almost time for another episode of The Juggalo Show!   On the last show, we were treated to nearly a full episode about the Mandela Effect!  While that may have peeled your wig back, just wait til you hear what’s in store for tonight’s episode!

Starting at 8 PM EST, you will have a FULL STUDIO, because Kegan, Glo, Rude Boy, and Jumpsteady will all be in the building!  Not only that, but they will have a special guest, none other than Violent J on the mic schoolin’ Juggalos!

Among the topics to be discussed are Fearless Fred Fury, Juggalo Weekend, and UFOs?

If you’ve never tuned in, make sure to set your alarm for 8 PM EST and make your way to

from Faygoluvers