Twiztid Releases Promo Pics for “Generation Nightmare” [Coming soon]

Over at the Official Twiztid Facebook, they released two different pictures to continue to hype up their Generation Nightmare album, which has yet to have a release date announced.  If you’ve been watching the Brunch N Bakes though, you’ll know that the album is basically done, and they have the option of dropping it at any time.  However, on a more recent live stream, Monoxide said that the pre-order packages for this album are ridiculous!  So hopefully we’ll be seeing those pop up soon!

That being said, the two black and white promo images that were released look fresh, and also had some captions on them that are generating some discussion.  See them for yourself:

When do you think they’ll drop the album?  Are you hype to hear the latest offering from Monoxide and Madrox?  Voice your opinions below!

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