News on Juggalo Day Weekend and the Violent J Solo Tour Cancellation [from the Juggalo Show]

If you missed tonight’s episode of The Juggalo Show on Psychopathic TV, then you missed a lot!  They started out a little late, but Violent J joined them in the studio alongside Jumpsteady, Rude Boy, Kegan, and Glo for 2 hours of flavor.

To start the show, Violent J gave a sincere apology about cancelling the Violent J Solo Tour.  He said that when he and Shaggy’s solo tours were scheduled months ago, it was under the assumption that Fearless Fred Fury would be completely done with videos shot, photo shoots finalized, and everything wrapped.  When it got to be time to leave for the tours, nothing was finished.  They were working on the album up until the night that they left!  There wasn’t even a photo shoot finished when the tour started.  J got out on tour for the first couple of dates, and then decided that FFF was far more important than his solo tour.  He said that now that he was home, he just had to wait for Shaggy to have an off day from his tour to fly back up to Detroit and put the final touches on the album.

J apologized to Esham, Rude Boy, and all of the Juggalos who had already purchased tickets, or were planning on hitting up the solo tour.

After that, it was damn near two hours of opinions on aliens, UFOs, government conspiracies, and more.  I would be doing you a disservice in recapping it, so you should watch it for yourself.

Finally, at the very end of the show, Violent J speaks about Juggalo Day Weekend!

He said that for Day 1, we will get Violent J & Shaggy Solo SetsDay 2 will feature a classic Insane Clown Posse set complete with new tracks from Fearless Fred Fury!  J said that they have FFF tunnel vision, so doing an album themed show like they have in the past was basically out of the question.  They just want to have fun with Juggalos in New Orleans!

That’s pretty much what was covered tonight.  I don’t know if it’ll get flagged for copyrights, but as of right now, you can rewatch tonight’s episode here:

Juggalo Show

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