Help Save Blowfly’s “Rapp Dirty” Original Recording Masters For His Family!

As most know, the Godfather of Hip-Hop/music legend “Blowfly” (aka Clarence Reid) sadly passed away two years ago. But now Blowfly’s family is in a legal battle over rights  behind the original masters for Blowfly’s very first track/LP “Rapp Dirty”, among other music royalties famous recording artists owe due to illegally sampling Blowfly’s music without permission. So far 3,595 dollars has been donated with a goal of 12,000 dollars.

Official Statement From Blowfly’s Official Manager Tom Bowker Regarding The Legal Battle Below:

“Blowfly aka Clarence Reid is an R&B / Funk / Hip Hop music icon who never had a checking account.

Clarence did not leave behind a will when he passed in 2016. Clarence’s family and I ( long time manager/ band leader Tom Bowker) have been frustrated in our attempts to get both his album masters and the rights to his massive, hit filled, multi-platinum, continually sampled publishing catalog returned to the family.

After nearly three years we finally have a Miami legal team in place to properly establish the estate . Just in time to take advantage of a tiny window that the estate may use to reclaim the master of “Blowfly’s Party” – the first ever banned record in the United States – with minimal legal fees.

Blowfly’s Party is by far, the most influential of Blowfly’s 30 albums. Most notably, it featured the third recorded version of “Blowfly’s Rapp” aka “Rapp Dirty” Simultaneously, we can also use that window to reclaim the 12″ of “Rapp Dirty” / “Blowfly’s Rapp”

“Rap Dirty” is the first recorded rap song, and I have the proof. He lived in Detroit, and played on that session in 1974, a year before he moved out of South Florida, permanently.

As Clarence Reid’s longtime champion, I cannot let the master of his most enduring song be the permanent property of the vanity label that belongs to the descendants of the man who exploited Clarence had his hand in Clarence’s pocket between 1968 – 1982.

That is our first and second goal, and it needs to happen before the end of 2018 — which is 8 days away from the launch of this campaign.

Our third, and equally important goal – is to restore the rights of Clarence’s extensive publishing catalog. Over 300 artists have sampled Clarence Reid compositions. These include: Beyonce, Kanye West, Wu Tang Clan, Ice Cube, The Jurassic 5, Neneh Cherry, KRS-1, Eazy E, DJ Quik and Atmosphere, to name but a few.

ALL US DONATIONS OVER $25 (USA) or $40 (world) get a “I Saved Blowfly’s Rapp & All I Got Was This Funky T Shirt. ” T Shirt. Please include size with your donation.”

If you’d like to help and make sure Blowfly’s music properly ends up in the hands of his real family please donate here: 

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