Headshot Louie – “I Hope You Wake Up (ft. Buddha) [Official Video]

Message from Headshot Louie:

Reach out to your friends and family if they need help, If you have ever known some one who has struggled with addiction? chances are you can relate to this message. So many people have lost loved ones from this horrific drug. Personally, I have lost some of my closest friends ,family and fans to heroin and I will never be the same again. I miss every single person I have lost, they were ALL special to me in their own ways and it breaks my heart that they are gone. I truly believe that music is a very powerful thing and can inspire people to do amazing things. I have seen so many people celebrate sobriety and turn their entire life around and go on to accomplish great things! It is possible to get clean! That’s why I am urging everyone to NOT give up on your friends and family. Offer help, if they decline? keep offering, keep reaching out. I want to say again Rest In Peace to Everyone I have Lost and to Everyone you have Lost! Fly High We Miss All Of You So Very Much! Until We Meet Again!!! – Headshot Louie ….. P.S. HELPLINE NUMBERS ARE AT THE END OF THE VIDEO !!!! #ihopeyouwakeup

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