For The First Time Ever The J. Hexx Project Releases The Seven Doorz To Death: PART 2 EP And For Free!

Over a decade ago Giallo underground hip-hop veteran The J. Hexx Project self- released The Seven Doorz To Death EP/Twitch of the Deadz Nervez LP together as one record. Horror and music, redefined for dark minds who think alike. Sev’rd Nervez Music’s first release was an instant classic! It was even Rated 3 and 1/2 skulls out of four by FANGORIA.COM and it fully streamed on RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE RADIO!  And now for the first time ever, J. Hexx unleashes The Seven Doorz To Death part 2: The EP Version, and its a free download exclusive only at! This represents 7 songs of death, misery, the advent of change in the world, and mental and physical slavery with horror! Technology and the destruction of the human life at hand, The J.Hexx Project whimsically mixes hip hop, horror film visuals with taboo violent stories of death and the new world order! As stated this is a free EP version behind the upcoming full length album, “The Seven Doorz To Death part 2: The Director’s Cut”, which will be further expanded beyond this EP Version. Enjoy horror hounds and goth gals!

Instant Free Download of J. Hexx’s EP Here:



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