Faygoluvers Presents: Generation TWIZTID – Seven Part Documentary by Brandon Ward of 20in17

Juggalos and Juggalettes!  Ninjas and Ninjettes!  It’s TIME!   A few months back, we touted a brand new documentary series that our homie Brandon Ward of the infamous 20in17 Podcast has been working on.  It’s called “Generation Twiztid”!

This time, it’s about the demented duo, TWIZTID!  It’s no secret that Monoxide and Madrox have had a storied 20+ year career.  This documentary series starts right before Twiztid was signed to Psychopathic Records, and through their entire history up to this date.

The first chapter, Chapter T, spans from their early beginnings in 1997 through touring with ICP on the Jeckel Brothers tour in 1999.  It’s jam packed with old school live footage that I think you’ll really dig. Here’s a description that Brandon left us about the docuseries:

In 97 something new was about to be unleashed upon the underground. From the EASTSIDE of Detroit came a sound that helped lead a musical culture that had never been seen before, and will likely not be seen again.

Over 20 years later their still putting out that wicked shzt to a whole knew generation. Jamie Madrox and the Monoxide Child, but you can call em TwiZtiD!!!!!!

Generation TwiZtiD will cover those 20+ years of the Demented Duo.


T. From Krazee to TwiZtiD

w. Welcome 2 the FreekShow

i. Green MutantZ

Z. Kill Everyday

t. The Bad Side

i. 20 yrZ TwiZtiD

D. Generation Nextmare

A new chapter drops every TwiZtiD Tuesday EXCLUSIVELY on Faygoluvers.net

Now, for your listening and viewing pleasure, check out Chapter T of Generation Twiztid:


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