Twiztid’s Abominationz: Deluxe Edition drops January 25th! Pre-orders Now Available!

The original Psychopathic Records pressings of 2012’s Abominationz have been out of print for some time now.  They were originally released with Madrox and Monoxide variants, each with an track exclusive to that CD.

With this MNE Deluxe Edition, you’ll get BOTH bonus tracks on the same album!  So if for some reason you never picked up a copy of this, here’s a perfect opportunity!

You can get the CD itself for only $8.99, or the CD and a sublimated shirt for $39.99.  Get them at the links below:

Now check the track list and more from MNE store.


Artist: Twiztid
Album: Abominationz Deluxe Edition
Release Date: January 25, 2019
Track Listing:
  1. Bad Side
  2. Unstoppable
  3. Rep That Wicked
  4. Blood…All I Need
  5. Lift Me Up
  6. Extension Cords
  7. Psychopathic Psychiatric Hotline
  8. Coin Flip Lunatic ft. Royce Da 5’9″
  9. This is Your Anthem
  10. Abominationz
  11. Unable To Cry For Help or to Escape From A Seemingly Impending Evil
  12. Nightmarez
  13. 2nd 2no 1
  15. It’s Hard To Smile When You’re…
  16. Sux 2 B U (Originally Monoxide Version Only)
  17. Return Of The Pervert (Originally Madrox Version Only)

You’ve only got to wait a few weeks for it to arrive at your doorstep!

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