Underground Nation’s “Murder The 90s” Mixtape

More info and download link: https://www.underground-nation.com/murderthe90s/

You probably remember At the beginning of the year Underground Nation was known as “Horrorcore Magazine”. We released the news about the Murder the 90s Mixtape! Instantly it gained a huge Buzz just off its concept alone! It became so huge that Artist like Razakel, The R.O.C., Mars, The Wikid One, began submitting their tracks. Wanting this unique and interesting Concept released to the underground!

The process of this mixtape involved artists to submit their best song. Then the staff at Underground Nation voted on who Stays and who Goes!  Artists were placed with other artists that compliment their styles. The group(s) chose what 90s beat they wanted to use. Which came from our hand-picked selection of beats and the outcome is amazing! These artists sound great together and really shine on these 90s Beats. This is a Mixtape that can go down in the history books of Underground Gold!

  1. Tonight’s THA Night (Redman Remix) x Tha Wikid One
  2. Come to This x HystEric x NEKESTRO x Spike Kanible x Dirty Crowley
  3. Is It True x The R.O.C
  4. Incinerated Sacrifices – Results May Vary x All Zen Ninja x Damp Sage
  5. Neck Slicing Goonz x Chuckklez x GODFREEKID x Koffin Creep x IllNickell
  6. Roof’s The Man x Ruthless Rob
  7. So Whatcha Want Remix x Kohxdeen x Xtra Overdoze x Hellspawn Hoodlum x SKX
  8. Make Him Bleed x Razakel x The Slice Girls x Hard Jawz
  9. Diary of Madmen x Ghozt Tha Dmented x Delirious Demo Demon x DKM
  10. Take Me Away x Donny G x Gloom Rap x Humble Lunatic x D.E.A.N
  11. CATCHIN BODIES x IamBlaize x 6roke6oySix x SHUNNED
  12. Illusions x Bounce Ball Boogie x Mattrix x Keagan Grimm x Killa Cali Hustle
  13. The Choice Is Yours x The DRP
  14. Seen A Man Die x DamneDNatioN
  15. Respiration Cypher x TooFless x Dak Kutta x Dopey Da Soul Reaper x Johnny J x EXPEDIA x ABSURD x TRES AURLAND x INSANE POETRY
  16. Mass Appeal Remix – Molasses Malone x Queue x Gravedog
  17. All 8′ x Wiked Wood x D-Lyrical of Inner City Posse
  18. Ambitions As A Mad Man x Ryan Deranged
  19. Do It x Mars
  20. Incarceted Demons x G-Killa

Stream the whole album here:

from Faygoluvers


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