Underground Michigan Vet Emcee Menacide Unleashes “Livin Proof” Featuring Proof of D-12’s Final Original Verse; Reign Supreme Book Two Preorders Out Now!

Underground Michigan Veteran Emcee Menacide has been dropping heat all year long! Today Menacide decided to drop his long awaited “Livin Proof” single exactly at midnight as a direct tribute to Big Proof of the mighty Detroit Group D-12! It features Proof’s final recorded original verse.  You might be confused as to why Eminem didn’t drop it instead. Our sources were told Marshall wasn’t able to emotionally do it.  And well, truth to be told  Proof and Menacide were tight friends and met during multiple record sessions to record raw hip-hop content and vibe out to their own personal projects together.  A producer who wishes to not be named was close to Proof knew of the two’s friendship and their mutual love of the hip-hop game. They  trusted Menacide to bring forth a beautiful track and now its finally seeing the light of day.  Produced by super-producer BAD MIND! On behalf of Faygoluvers. Congrats on the track fellas! Thanks for keeping Michigan hip-hop alive!

From Menacide Himself:

“The very last, unreleased/unheard Proof Of D12 verse via the new Menacide single, “Livin’ Proof.”It was an honor and pleasure to work with Proof while he was still alive. This man treated me like family the entire time we worked together, and was one of the most generous people I’ve ever met in Hip Hop. He even introduced me to Eminem (54 Sound Studio) personally.  Hear what we got cooked up for a fitting tribute, produced by BAD MIND!”


Even more fresh news straight from Menacide’s recording lab. We told ya he’s been dropping heat all year long! The hard hitting second half to Menacide’s double opus, “Reign Supreme” is here for pre-order! Featuring guest appearances from McNastee, Playboy The Beast, Insane Loc, A-Game, Nastie Ink, and more.! Not to mention, the very last unreleased/unheard Proof Of D12 verse in existence on the tribute song, “Living Proof!” 12 page booklet, silver over blue, 15 tracks of Supreme material, and more! Includes hidden bonus stuff! Grab this SMACKER of a dope package now to take full advantage of all the one-time-only extras! Quantities are limited!

Menacide “Reign Supreme Book Two” Tracklist:

1. Recoil
2. Pyro
3. Stuck To The Top (Feat. Shawn Collins)
4. Monsterz (Feat. Q Strange)
5. MF G’z (Feat. Insane LOC & Dan Tha Saltine)
6. Round Here (Feat. Playboy The Beast)
7. Adios (Feat. Nastie Ink)
8. Payback (Feat. Masetti)
10. Livin’ Proof (Feat. Big Proof Of D12)
11. Where U Been (Feat. McNastee & A-Game)
12. Destination (W/ Breana M.)
13. Beep Beep! (Feat. Shawn Collins & McNastee)
14. On One
15. Not The One / ???

This Pre-Order product is set to ship on or around December 19, 2018. LINK:


from Faygoluvers


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