Twiztid Included on AltPress’ “Black Friday Record Store Day Exclusives…” List

As mentioned several times, Black Friday/Record Store Day is upon us in a few days. Twiztid will be releasing an exclusive single of “Splitinthispaint” on this holiday. This version of the song is remixed by Seven. The song is the first new track from the upcoming album The Lost Children. The b-side is “Here With the Dead” and that was released for the earlier Halloween season.

As a result of this release, the website AltPress have included Twiztid in their list of “19 Black Friday Record Store Day Exclusives We Can’t Wait to Buy.” They are listed among with the likes of Sublime, Rage Against the Machine, Bauhaus, CKY, the deceased Chris Cornell, and a plethora more on Record Store Day. You can see the article HERE and read their text below:

This is a rare Record Store Day release, with only a thousand quantities in stock. The seven-inch features remixes of two tracks—“Because I’m A Monster” and “Here With The Dead”—from Twiztid’s upcoming album.

“Because I’m a Monster” is more than likely an alternative name to this new remixed version of the song.

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