Juggalo Speaks on Gangs, Life in Prison, and Being Free after Killing 5

I know that after reading the headline, most of you will probably say “That’s no Juggalo in my book.”  I agree that a giant Hatchetman on a someone’s face who has been convicted of killing 5 people isn’t a good look for Juggalos in general.  I’m not giving him a pass for what happened, but the situation is extremely fucked up.

At 12 years old, he found out that a family member was allegedly putting PCP in his niece’s milk, which obviously made her sick.  He went with a gun to his house to kill him, and didn’t expect for there to be 4 other people there.  In the end, 5 people were left dead, and this man known only as “Joker” was sentenced to 2 life sentences and 125 years.

Joker has been out since 2014, and spoke on just barely being a teenager in one of the hardest prisons in the nation, having to learn how to fight and defend himself, and how he got out after serving 32 years (the equivalent of a life sentence).

Toward the end of the video, he speaks about the Hatchetman on his face, whether it signifies gang affiliation, whether other gangs had beef with him due to the tattoo, what being a Juggalo means to him, and why he thinks Syko Sam is the reason Juggalos were put on the FBI’s gang list.  It’s a scary, yet fascinating story, and you can see it below.

The portion where he starts speaking about Juggalos starts at nearly the 20 minute mark.

We’d love to know your thoughts on the video, his actions, his take on Juggalos, and whatever else you get out of this video.  Discuss below!

Much props to Keith for bringing this to our attention!

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