Jeffrey Nothing Continues to Release New Music Since Leaving Mushroomhead

Over the weekend, former Mushroomhead vocalist Jeffrey Nothing continued to release new music since his departure from Mushroomhead earlier in the year. The track is called “Dead Space/Dead Inside” and is credited to the band Nothing, which is the moniker used for Jeffrey Nothing‘s newest solo band. The band previously debuted a song titled “Fragile Mind” in September, albeit under the radar. These tracks are the first new recordings since the departures at Mushroomhead.

The band also involves guitarist Tommy Church, whom was also in Mushroomhead, and left the band mere days after Jeffrey Nothing. Vocalist Ian Sniesak, drummer Noah Robertson, and bassist Kahler Hatrix are also involved in Nothing. The new song can be heard below:

The newest album from Nothing is currently in the works. Jeffrey Nothing has an extensive discography of sideprojects, including the metal band Hatrix and his solo album The New Psychodalia, which was released on Suburban Noize Records in 2011.

Mushroomhead replaced Jeffrey Nothing and Tommy Church with two new band members shortly after their departure. Only drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton and vocalist Jason “J Mann” Popson remains from the original lineup; however, keyboardist Rick “St1tch” Thomas (joined in 2001) remains in the band as well. The other members joined from 2012 onward. The band is still touring constantly.

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