Ghozt Tha Dmented – “Bangers From The Morgue”

G.T.D’s second release with Brutal Business Entertainment 
Featuring Playboy the Beast, Whitney Peyton, Grewsum, Hex-Rated, Scum, Dubbs and more!

  1. INTRO
  2. Ghozt With the Most
  3. House of Phantomz (ft. Playboy The Beast, Grewsum & Delirious)
  4. Fuck Cancer! (ft. Whitney Peyton & Skippy Ickum)
  5. Can’t handle Us (ft. Killa Noize & Delirious)
  6. Black Mirror Boogie (ft. Hex-Rated, Scum & Dubbs)
  7. Mah Fuckin Psycho (ft. Voice The hallowqueen, Delirious & hemi)
  8. Black Death (ft. Jade the Nightmare & Delirious)
  9. Dance on Your Grave (ft. Menacide & Delirious)
  10. Can’t Handle Us (Morgue Mix) (ft. Killa Noize)
  11. Drag You to Hell (ft. Delirious)

from Faygoluvers


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