Four Finger Ring – “NEVERLAND” (Mixtape)

The Ancient Natives believed the number 4 was majestic. Representing the four seasons a complete circle. A ring is a round band worn as an ornamental piece of jewelry. The next procession Four Finger Ring.

Four Finger Ring is established Talent. C4mula, DJ Zole, Mic Moses and Nu3tron. Next level Hip Hop combining to make magic. In a music world where everyone is filled with centralism on individual. We present you 4 pillars of a musical super group.

Hailing from Southern California; Los Angeles and Orange Counties. These artists are no Noobs with an extensive background and resume including individually and collectively working and performing with some of Hip Hop’s finest including Crooked I, Fat Joe, Rhymesayers, Project Blowed, Too Short, Evidence, Suga Free, Sly Boogie, 2MEX, Knocturnal, Holocaust, MGK, Riff Raff and 2LiveCrew.

Four Finger Ring is Hip Hop. Mic Moses, DJ Zole, Nu3tron and C4mula deliver that like a courier dropping off packages on your doorstep. No one to sign but they’re confirmed arrival. Entertainment is real. Talent is amazing. Energy is emanating. The collective speaks for itself.

The equation equals a sound that makes you want to put Four Finger Ring’s music on repeat. In a World with so many options old and new Four Finger Ring is the diamond in the rough. The sparkling gem you found without looking. If you were oblivious and accidently stumbled upon a live performance alone would make you a believer or maybe it’s the raw entertainment of feel good music videos and the party vibe of amazing Musicians doing what they do best. The future of music is now.

from Faygoluvers


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