Anybody Killa’s New Year’s Eve Party Finalized

If you’re looking for a spot to crash at for New Year’s to ring in 2019, another option has cropped up. Anybody Killa will be doing his annual New Year’s Eve Party in Warren, Michigan. It’ll be at The Hot Rocks Bar. The party opens at 7PM and is only $10 at the doors. Over 12 years of classic ABK and friends tomfoolery, this lineup also contains Mr. Y.U.G. and Jay Villain; however, another notable addition to the show is the ICP OG D-Lyrical.

ABK and Native World parties like no other, so if you need some plans, then they’ve got you covered. Peep the two flyers on this page and be on the lookout for more artist announcements via ABK‘s Facebook HERE.

from Faygoluvers


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