Underground Veteran Emcee Menacide Brings Back Classic Devilz Nite Compilation! Now Accepting Exclusive Tracks!

The Devilz Nite series was a FREE Horrorcore.com (long defunct)  annual Devils Night/Halloween  hip-hop compilation. It was always available the night before Halloween as a free digital download. The first Devilz Nite installment was released in 2003, and every year following, a new compilation had been released all the way until 2012 with brand new exclusive wicket shit tracks from underground artists all over the globe for free! Michigan’s Menacide ran the compilation from 2003 until 2008 until he passed the torch to Dirtcore giant Crossworm. Crossworm ran Devilz Nite from 2009-2012. Six years after Crossworm decided to put the Devilz Nite on indefinite hiatus, but Menacide has decided to bring back the classic compilation from the grave and is now accepting horror/Halloween rap tracks from talent all over the world!


The music must be hip hop (and/or a closely related Urban genre), it must be very dark (preferably the darkest an artist can write), it must be well written, and it must be the best quality possible.

The submissions must be a high res MP3 (320kbps ONLY).  Nothing else will be accepted, and anything else will be trashed.

The submissions must be labeled.  Please label your song with the artist(s) name and title. If your song is not labeled, it will be trashed. It WILL NOT be listened to at all.

There is no cap on the amount of songs an artist can submit.  Send as many as you like.

The song must have NEVER been released prior to the submission.

WHERE  TO SUBMIT YOUR SONGS: Upload Your Track To A Hosting Site And Email (No Later Than October, 28th) Link To Menacide@gmail.com


Devilz Nite is specifically geared to the wicked underground, which is a scene that is comprised of multiple genres of very dark and aggressive / hardcore hip hop. Some of these genres include, (but are not limited to); Horrorcore, Wicked Shit, Acid Rap, Death Rap, Devil Shyt, etc. Every year, Devilz Nite houses the darkest music the wicked underground has to offer. The annual Devilz Nite compilation was started in 2003 as a unique way to give something back to the fans of the Horrorcore Hip-Hop genre. The idea is simple: The fans around here support the artists of Horrorcore throughout the year by purchasing their CD’s, merchandise, and attending their shows. Those artists take advantage of the Halloween season to record original, exclusive audio to partake in a compilation given free to the fans via download on Devilz Nite each year – A fresh ass “goodie-bag” if you will, of various audio flavors themed around the Season Of The Pumpkin.

Artists who have participated in the past include Q Strange, Menacide, Lo Key, Castro The Savage, Bedlam (Prozak and Madness), Mars of Mad Insanity Records, Shy One, Playboy The Beast, BAD MiND, Mr. Hyde of Psychological Records, Majik Duce, J-Reno, Dark Half, Insane Poetry, Stitchmouth, Donnie Menace, and many countless others from within the realms of the Wicked Shit!

Who Should Participate?

Every last artist who has ever sold a CD to a fan in this genre, a piece of merchandise, or played a show to a crowd full. You owe it to your fans, and the fans of Horrorcore in general, to give something fresh back each year. And one exclusive audio track isn’t that much to ask. It builds loyalty with the fans, and continued support for the genre in general. They truly look forward to this free download every Halloween season – Much more than you could ever imagine.

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