Today Marks The 25th Anniversary of House of Krazee’s Legendary Detroit Debut “Home Sweet Home”! (Editorial)

1993, the year that a new breed of slasher influenced hip-hop began to rise from the disease ridden sewers of southern Michigan, above the underground to dominate the mainstream. 1993 was during a time when Esham, Kid Rock, and Insane Clown Posse were finally gaining king like notoriety in the local Detroit hip-hop scene, a time when Juggalo veteran emcee Monoxide was usually found chilling with 8 mile legend Eminem, a time when Detroit’s Urban Decay first began to drastically rapidly increase thanks to the declining local auto industry that began in the 1980’s. But most importantly, it was also the time when Twiztid’s and The R.O.C’s first group  House of Krazee’s were scaring the shit out of parents across the ghettos of Detroit and surrounding suburban area upon first witnessing the horror influenced cover in the palm of their teenagers hands. With Home Sweet Home’s fresh ring of fire hellish appearance for its front cover, the EP was bound to immediately frighten people.  Upon release, Friday, October 1st, 1993 to be exact, rumors slowly began circulating around the Michigan ghetto areas that simply owning/listening to a cassette tape of “Home Sweet Home” would cause the listener/owner of the tape to begin experiencing mind-altering paranormal like side effects.  Local religious followers whispered of the cassette being a path to Satanic behainvor, just odd sorts of plain weird superstitions behind the debut horror classic, just like the Devil being tied to RocknRoll‘s glory days.

Starring Jamie Madrox as Mr. Bones, The R.O.C. as himself, and Monoxide as Hektik; the trio went beyond the violence of gangsta rap and proudly (astonishingly quite well) rhymed about Black Magic, slasher like murders, and being street hard over rugged east coast influenced  production meshed with hard rock samples and distorted  nightmarish vocals.  Even with the trio sounding a little clumsy on the beats within the EP here and there, their strong willed rap passion was on point and proved the underground legends that presently became Twiztid and The R.O.C. were destined to become god-like emcees since the release of “Home Sweet Home”.  So let’s all soak in the Wes Craven lyrical hip-hop content brought forth by the House of Krazees, appreciate this wicket shyt hip-hop beast of a release, and take a DeLorean time trip back to October, 1993, simply to bump “Home Sweet Home” in the pitch black dark, and begin the 30 days until Halloween countdown!

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