This App is a Game Changer for Networking

The cannabis industry is a trending topic and the business of weed has taken a turn from cliché stoner references to serious discussions about the future. Jobs in cannabis are projected to increase by 220% in just 2019 alone. It is safe to say business is booming.

From research to retail and everything in between, there will be a lot of talented professionals needed in the near future. The industry is legit, and maybe you want a piece of the green that’s going to flow through it, but how do you break into the world of cannabis? Like any industry, it’s about who you know, and Shapr is the app that will help you meet the right people.

Shapr was created to make it easier to meet professionals in your industry, or the industry you hope to break into. It’s a simple way to make the right connections while enjoying your morning coffee, traveling to work, or while sitting on your couch.

This App is a Game Changer for Networking

Courtesy of Shapr

The app lets you easily login with your LinkedIn account, or sign-up via email, and then you just need to add your goals and interests to get started. For example, you can add tags such as #cannabisindustry, #marketing or #technology to help meet people interested in the same topics. The goals section will allow you to clearly identify if you’re scouting mentors, searching for a job, or hiring a team. From there, Shapr’s algorithm will do the work of finding the most relevant people in your area.

Everyday, Shapr will build a batch of 10-15 people in your area who would be up for connecting. Similar to a dating app, just swipe through your batch to let the app know who you are willing to meet. When there is a match, meaning both people have swiped right, you’ll be able to message your new connection and figure out a time to continue the conversation over a call or coffee.

This App is a Game Changer for Networking

Courtesy of Shapr

Networking is the key to landing jobs in today’s world and an emerging industry like cannabis is going to rely heavily on good recommendations to build a quality workforce. You didn’t get into Google in ‘99 without knowing someone, and the same can be said for emerging cannabis companies.

Using Shapr, you can begin growing your career or searching for new opportunities from the comfort of your couch, between sessions. It’s the simplest way to keep your network from going stale and finding new opportunities for the future. So what are you waiting for?

Download Shapr and swipe your first round of profiles.

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