The Juggalo Show Going LIVE Tonight on Psychopathic TV! Oct 11th, 8pm-10pm

Psychopathic Records‘ very own live Juggalo podcast The Juggalo Show will be returning to Psychopathic TV tonight!

Join your hosts, Jumpsteady, The Rude Boy and Keegan the Creep for a special Halloween themed episode as they discuss the goings-on in and around the Juggalo world. We got Hallowicked, we got Fearless Fred Fury and we have Shaggy attempting to dropkick Fred Durst. I have a feeling they’ll touch on all three of these topics (the first two for sure).

Tune into that tonight from 8:00pm to 10:00pm EST only on Psychopathic TV.

In the words of The Rude Boy: “Are you scared, kiddies?”

from Faygoluvers


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