Secret Codes Embedded into Limited Ouija Macc Chain & Pendant, Available Now

One of the elements about the Dark Carnival I love is the secret messages that are encoded into the music by the artists that are representing it. Our homie Ouija Macc is definitely one of those artists as seen on the album Gutterwater but now he’s taken it one step further.

Available right now is a handcrafted Ouija Macc chain and pendant with different secret codes pressed right into the silver! Only 50 of these pendants exist and there are four secret codes pressed onto different pendants. So if you order one, you’ll be getting one of those four secret codes. Find ninjas with the same pendants but different secret codes and then share what ya got! Word?

This chain and pendant is goin’ for $299.99 with free shipping. You can pick that up at by CLICKING HERE.

Check out the Facebook post from Ouija below.

from Faygoluvers


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