ICP’s 2nd Joker’s Card: The Ringmaster Now Available on Vinyl!

For those Juggalos who are vinyl collectors, we’ve got some good news! It looks like the Ringmaster double vinyl that we were promised has come in, and is now available exclusively on the Hallowicked 2018 Tour!  It got pushed back a little bit (original release date was September 14th), but the important thing is that you can now pick it up if the Insane Clown Posse tour is coming to your town!

Also, on Amazon.com, it’s slated to be released on October 12th, so you can go ahead and order it now and be bumpin’ it next week!  If you want to get it on tour, then just head to the merch booth when you get to the show!  If you’d like it to show up at your doorstep, get it on Amazon for $24.79 here: https://www.amazon.com/Ringmaster-Insane-Clown-Posse/dp/B07FPTXFGX/

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