Full 25th Annual Hallowicked Artist Line Up Announced!

To much anticipation, the full 25th annual Hallowicked artist line up has finally been fully revealed by Psychopathic Records across social media and we here at Faygoluvers are wiling out more so than a poor scrub kid finding out he won a life time supply of pumpkin shaped Reese’s during a hip-hop radio contest. Ninjas will be celebrating Halloween harder than ever this year because Hallowicked turns 25! And its freshly stacked with mad raw talented  emcees from across the United States from the likes of New York’s “Rap Slayer” (Golden Age Era  of hip-hop) Cage, Miami’s “Cocaine Enthusiast” Stitches, Kansas City “Speed Genius” Mac Lethal, Psychopathic’s very own Sin City, Las Vegas “Rap Demon” Ouija Macc , the original Detroit hip-hop King (Esham’s Dope Hoe! That’s why he’s the OG King!) Esham, and of course the Wicked Clowns of Detroit! Will the Motor City and the surrounding urban decayed suburban areas be able to handle this vicious hip-hop pandemonium?!  A snow flakes chance in hell, maybe. Doors open at 3 P.M. EST at the Russel Industrial Center. Event will be hosted by Juggalo favorites  Clownvis Presley & Rude Boy with fresh vinyl flavor from DJ Carlito.  Many fun, family events held through out the day.  No news yet about the Hallowicked Afterparty Line Up, but stay tuned to Faygoluvers for more info. Whoop! Whoop!

Get your tickets here before it sells out: https://www.ticketweb.com/event/hallowicked-25-the-russell-tickets/8746885

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