Free The Optimus ft. JBOT – “Asheville Downtown Live”

Free The Optimus combined forces with JBOT for a one of a kind live performance at Downtown After 5 in Asheville. This was the 30th anniversary installment of DA5 and included a performance from The Pharcyde with their live band. EPIC times in AVL!!! 

Download the album here:

  1. This Is Love (AVL version)
  2. Carolina Proud (AVL version)
  3. L.I.V.E. Melody
  4. Southernplayalistic
  5. Crumblin Erb
  6. B.O.B.
  7. Made to Fly (AVL version)
  8. Family Tree (AVL version)
  9. Free Yourself (AVL version)
  10. Carolina’s Finest (AVL version)
  11. I’ma Be OK (AVL version)
  12. Sacrifice
  13. You Got Me
  14. Blow Your Mind
  15. JBOT Jam
  16. Get By

from Faygoluvers


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