Demonic Swagger – “Lord of the Hundreds”

Lord of the Hundreds showcases Demonic Swagger’s production and style rather than vocal ability. This will be the first of a series of instrumental albums. Keep your mind peeled.
  1. Lord of the Hundreds
  2. Hiram Maxim’s Other Mousetrap
  3. Blessed Art Thou Who Gives a Shit
  4. Viscous
  5. Accumulating Dust
  6. Civilization as an Avalanche
  7. A Different Place and Time
  8. The New Normal Same as the Old Normal
  9. The Many Many Voices of Intervoice
  10. Whatever It Is
  11. It’s Divisive
  12. Do Things to It
  13. Seek Cheese
  14. Devour All
  15. Reign Fall
  16. Skull Made of Nickel
  17. Letters That Lie
  18. Low Tide
  19. Skin a Wolf and Wear Its Flesh
  20. Count The Seconds Not The Minutes

from Faygoluvers


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