Violent J Warns Us about Ouija’s “Water Damage”; Speaks about Subliminal Messages [Hear Reversed Audio!]

Earlier today, a 6 minute video was released on the Ouija Macc Youtube channel.  Violent J spoke for nearly the entire video, warning us to listen closely to Ouija’s messages that he puts out on his various social media accounts.  This is all in reference to the WaterDamage mixtape, which many Juggalos have been asking about and clamoring for.  Violent J states that we’re NOT READY, and that if we miss even one of Ouija’s subliminals, it could be devastating for you.

So first, to make sure you know what to follow, here are links to Ouija’s socials.

Follow Ouija’s Socials:

Now, if you haven’t seen the video I’m speaking about yet, check it out:

Towards the end of the video, there is quite a bit of reversed audio.  I have taken the liberty of ripping it from Youtube and reversing it for you:

    The portion of the reversed audio that I can make out says:

    They want us starving , eating out the garbage.

    Y’all give ’em carnage cuz they give me solace.

    My blood and my wallet being strangled by these cowards in office

    If you are listening to this, wake up! Wake up!  Wake up!  Wake up!

    We are in hell, yes (you heard me?)

    We are in hell.

    Do not act irrationally.

    Do not let them see you are awake.

    Gather the elements. Crossover.

    Gather the elements. Crossover.

    (Props to Demonic Swagger for his interpretation in the Faygoluvers Forums!)

    Violent J also mentions that Str8Jaket is heavily involved in these, and was “skilled in the art of subliminal messagery” as a young Russian spy (allegedly).

    Psychopathic is putting a lot of time and effort into this mixtape, and I’m excited to hear what comes of it!  If you have any other interpretations from the reversed audio we provided, or any thoughts on the video in general, feel free to post them below!

    from Faygoluvers

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