The UNTOLD Story of Detroit Hip-Hop Documentary Now Available on Amazon Prime (ft. ICP, Esham, Champtown, more!)

Our old homie J-Webb hit me up about a documentary that we told you about YEARS ago called “The Untold Story of Detroit Hip Hop”.  It has literally been in production for at LEAST 6 years.  The final trailer, which you can watch below, was released in October of last year.  So with that said, you know that Champtown (who directed the documentary) has put countless hours into the project!

Several artists are spoken about and/or interviewed, including:

  • Insane Clown Posse
  • Eminem
  • Kid Rock
  • Champtown
  • Proof
  • Dice
  • Poe Whosaine
  • BOSS
  • Awesome Dre
  • Danny K’AE

Though the final edit has some audio/video sync issues, audio level issues, and strange cuts, the interviews and vintage footage alone makes it worth the watch!

If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you can watch the documentary for FREE with your membership!  If not, it’s $2.99 to rent, or $9.99 to buy.  Here’s the description.


“The Untold Story of Hip-Hop” Narrated by Chuck D. Tells the colorful true stories of the people, places and sounds behind the mainstream names we know and love. We start in Detroit, host of one of the most important and influential music movements of the 21st century.

Watch the final trailer for the documentary here:

Now that you’re all hyped up for this, make sure to take the time to get schooled on some Detroit Hip Hop history here:


I was taking notes during this for the fuck of it, and though they are random, maybe they will spark your interest and make you check the doc out.  Here they are:

  • Features Chuck D, Esham, Champtown, ICP, Dice, Poe Whosaine, BOSS, Champtown, Danny K, Awesome Dre
  • ESHAM – The story of the 100% Independent artist
    • ICP calls him GENIUS
    • Mike E Clark said he was doing shit that NOBODY was doing. Devil/666 shit
    • Everyone talks about the infamous Esham “Red Tape”
    • ICP calls him brave, creative
    • The most unique and powerful artist in Detroit hip hop
  • Kid Rock wasn’t accepted by Champtown
  • Champtown disses ESHAM on his first Straight Jacket Records release
  • Champtown calls Eminem one of the most talented wordsmiths in hip hop history.
    • Em started out in a group called Basement Productions
    • Footage from ’92 with Basement Productions crew shown
    • Eminem rolled with Champtown’s Straight Jacket Records from 91-96. Those years of his history are never mentioned.
    • Matrix, who was Eminem’s first producer, says that it’s a shame that Em became such a “rich asshole” and forgot about the people who helped bring him up
    • Matrix said Em went Hollywood and didn’t do anything for the city of Detroit or his friends.
    • Proof’s mom lost her home after trying to get help from Eminem
    • 5 ELA says 8 Mile (the movie) is a lie.
    • They show footage of Em getting booed and played off during a rap battle
    • Em, Champtown, Proof went to jail for paint gun incident, but it didn’t happen the way it was played out in the movie.
  • Insane Clown Posse
    • Jeff “The Ref” Bundy says ICP gives him everything he doesn’t get out of his regular life with the Juggalo Family
    • Like them or not, for over 20 years, ICP has stayed consistent with their music, merch, and the Gathering
  • In his last days, Proof was “acting like an idiot”. It was said that he was at a strip club slapping dancers, etc.
  • Champtown released an EP called “Fuck Proof”
  • Proof was one of the most important emcees in Detroit hip-hop history
    • Was known as the Mayor of Detroit
  • James Smith of Reel Life Productions lives in a vacant house that RLP started in. He refuses to let it be condemned.
  • Eminem will go down in history as one of the greatest emcees ever

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