The R.O.C. Attacks President Donald Trump Inside Underground Hustlin’ 66 Amnesia (301) Track “Hate Amongst Men”

Love your hip-hop drenched in politically charged rap consciousnesses laced with an infectious chorus from Monoxide of Twiztid?! Well then here ya go, ninjas! Every artist featured on this U.G.H. exclusive slaughtered the beat as if they were all somehow the Childplay’s franchise! But wow, The R.O.C. is savage on this one! After the Underground Hustlin Champion Intrinzik successfully delivers a raw start-a-riot against the system verse, Amnesia 301 comes in with a tight chopper flow.  Then suddenly, a mighty presidential hip-hop diss drops down from the parental advisory musical skies like an atomic hip-hop explosion. Who is responsible? The R.O.C. of course! A straight clear clever diss straight from the R.O.C to President Donald J. Trump and it goes like this:  “Blow your TRUMP-ET I see you all hide with your pride. Kill It. Yes, you’ll all die. Black boy, black boy yes I’m the Negro. Origin: African, proud American. Ceased my opportunities, white supremacist.”, ferociously raps the Detroit underground icon over an epic  Stir Crazy beat! This is exactly what hip-hop needed today by remaining controversial and spreading the right to free speech!

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