The Juggalo Show Returns TONIGHT! Vote for

Tonight, the Juggalo Show returns to the airwaves featuring Jumpsteady, Rude Boy, KG, and DJ Carlito!  Not only will we get two full hours of Juggalo flavor, but tonight they’re getting a little interactive.  They will be taking suggestions on what THREE SONGS you’d like to hear ICP perform ont heir upcoming tour!  Check the description from Rudy’s Facebook below.

From Rude Boy’s Facebook:

Tonight it’s the Return of the Juggalo Show 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time exclusively on Psychopathic TV Facebook!  Tonight’s show features the Mount Rushmore of Hip Hop!  That’s right, four individuals that have changed the face of hip-hop, also it’s your chance to vote for the three songs that you would like to hear ICP perform live on the upcoming October tour.   All this and much much more tonight Juggalo Show with Rude Boy, K G, Jumpsteady and DJ Carlito

Make sure to tune in tonight to at 8 PM EST / 7 PM CST!

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