The Juggalo Show (featuring Violent J and Ruby Bruce) News and Recap (9/27)

Tonight’s episode of The Juggalo Show which is seen LIVE at Psychopathic TV’s Facebook was chock full of all kinds of flavor tonight!  Not only did we get details about the Hallowicked 25th Anniversary Tour (which can be seen Right Here), but several other items were discussed and debuted! Violent J and his daughter Ruby Bruce were in the house!  Ruby introduced her Furry alter-ego Quilla to start the show!

Yes, there was a LOT of discussion about Furries tonight.  Like, a lot.  But it was all good, light-hearted fun! Plus, Violent J revealed a picture of his furry alter-ego!  He said his suit should be ready in November, so be looking for this at a Furry convention in the metro Detroit area:

Click to enlarge!

Alright, now onto the details about the show.   I’ll just break them down by bullet points.

  • Violent J and Ruby join Kegan and Rude Boy on the Juggalo Show
  • Hallowicked After party will include JCW and lots of big surprises
    • Hallowicked Tour is unlike ANYTHING ICP has ever done. ICP is the ONLY musical act on the tour!
  • Violent J speaks all about Furries, reveals the furry suit that he is having custom made.
  • Debut of Snake Busters 2
    • Snake is Cover Girl, Maybelline, Clinique and several other makeup brands
    • If you know any brands or products that need to be busted, hit up @rubybrucelee on Twitter
  • (re)Debut of Ruby’s first song
  • Violent J talks about being sued
    • $75,000 for Jumpsteady’s “The Road”
    • $35,000 for the poem Violent J read on the hotline in 2006 (See that story right here)
  • Ruby’s Storytelling track: “Slippery Slope”
    • In the same vain of Jumpsteady’s “The Road”
  • Violent J’s furry suit revealed (see picture above)
  • Tour news:
    • hosted by Clownvis
    • Dandy Punk
    • Sword Swallowers
    • Jugglers
    • Unique Comedians
    • DJ Carlito
    • All unusual Carnival / opening flavor
    • ICP will be the ONLY musical act!
    • VIP packages will include Wizard of the Hood DVD!

If you missed the show and want to see it for yourself, just click PLAY below:

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