Professional Producer BAD MIND Presents “Behind The Beat” Alla Xul Elu “Venomous” Featuring Twiztid

Ohio’s Alla Xul Elu’s MNE debut “The Almighty” drops tomorrow! Long time Indiana based professional  producer BAD MIND just unleashed a behind the scenes production video for the beat he produced for  A.X.E.’s track “Venomous” featuring the Demented Duo Twiztid from “The Almighty”!  Here is what BAD MIND had to say within his official website.

“While I have done quite a bit of production for A.X.E. for over the past year or so, four of my beats landed on their Majik Ninja Entertainment debut. These are the lead single, “AXE Is Family”, “Decomposing”, “Going To Hell”, and of course “Venomous” featuring the Demented Duo Twiztid!

In the following video after a small introduction, I give a brief breakdown behind the making of the track. I know it’s not the most exciting of things, but I figure some of you would find some interest in things like this. I’ll try to do more of these in the future!”

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