Professional Producer and Underground Horror Icon BAD MIND Reveals Tracklist For His Upcoming 103118 [EP]

Since diving back within wicked undergound BAD MiND has been  hard at work producing for MNE’s Alla Xul Elu, Razakel, Flatlinerz, Simken Heights, Daniel Jordan, to name a few. But this time BAD MiND has returned on the mic to shake the horrorcore rap scene back to its 1990’s roots to simpl cause a ruckus among the horror music scene  and reclaim his horror throne! His first release was 2001’s underground fan favorite “Worship” . The Acid Rap inspired release had people dropping their jaws upon listening with its unique eerie deathly tone. This notoriety resulted in BAD MiND gaining  a dedicated online cult following.

Even Michigan’s  underground vet emcee “Menacide” boasted about becoming a BAD MiND fan on the early web. Around this time period BAD MiND helped manage Splattermusic during it’s last year. The site is long gone, but it was the main hub for coverage of the dark side of hip-hop and helped pushed the careers of Halfbreed,Crossworm, Bedlam (Founded by Strange Music’s Prozak), Q-strange, KGP, L.U. Cipha, Mad insanity, even New York’s Cage posted on Splattermusic’s forums. The Splattermusic ties proves BAD MiND is a real OG in the wicked underground hip-hop scene! Fast forward to the present and fans of BAD MiND are currently rejoicing across the wicked underground in drooling anticipation of BAD MiND “103118” EP especially since announcing the offial tracklist across Social Meida. “103118” will be dropping this Devils Night in honor of celebrating Halloween and is sure to be one Hell of a horror-tastic release!

Official tracklist below!
BAD MIND – 103118 [EP]
1. Intro
2. 103118
3. Evocation (feat. Alla Xul Elu – AXE)
4. In Death We Trust (feat. Menacide and Majik Duce)
5. Autopsy (feat. J Reno The Sadist, Labrynthine, & The J. Hexx Project)
6. Salem (feat. Razakel)

Formats: Limited edition cassette and everywhere digital music is streamed and sold.
Preorders coming early October.

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