Juggalo Robert Ward Rescues 6 People from Deadly Greyhound Accident

There was a horrific accident involving a Greyhound bus in which 8 people lost their lives.  A semi truck veered into oncoming traffic and slammed head-on with the Greyhound.

Although there were people who were needlessly killed, a story of heroics came out of all of this.  A Juggalo named Robert Ward, pictured in a Hatchetman hoodie, was said to pull at least Six people from the wreckage, essentially saving their lives.  While he could have been tending to his own wounds, Robert went back time and time again to make sure anyone who was still alive got out of harm’s way.

Check out the story below:


You can read the full story including more accounts of the accident here: https://www.abc15.com/news/state/man-helps-pregnant-woman-others-off-greyhound-bus-after-crash-in-new-mexico

Our condolences go out to the families of those lost, and much super don-mega props to Robert Ward for being so selfless, and yet another example of a Juggalo Hero.

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