Some Features Announced For A.X.E.’s “The Almighty”

Alla Xul Elu has started releasing the guest features set to appear on their upcoming Majik Ninja Entertainment debut album, The Almighty.

So far, the guests announced are

  • The Flatlinerz
  • Insane Poetry
  • Lokey

The Almighty is set to be released on September 28th. You can read the social media posts and see the graphics for the three announcements below.

The first feature we’re announcing from “The Almighty” is none other than The Flatlinerz! The first group to ever use the term “horrorcore” on a record. Pioneers in our genre. A huge influence for A.X.E. Who’s ready for “Blasphemous”?!? Next feature revealed tomorrow!! Link to pre order in the comments below! Digital will be up soon!#LLE#MNE#Flatlinerz#AllaXulElu#PreOrderNow

The second feature for “The Almighty” is none other than the legendary Insane Poetry! This mufucker has been spitting wicked shit longer than a lot of you have had a heart beat. A true legend in the scene. We are beyond ecstatic to have him on our newest record! Belial lie in the details and half the production! Next feature announced tomorrow!!!#LLE#MNE#LSP#TheAlmighty

The third entity we have summoned to appear on “The Almighty” is the apparition Lo Key! Not only did he film the “AXE is Family” video, but he has been an inspiration of mine for many moons. The definition of independent. If you haven’t heard of this man, you’re probably not a fan of this scene. Get ready to walk “Into The Fire” on the new record! Tomorrow we announce the 4th feature on “The Almighty”! Remember you can pre order our album now on MNEStoreDotCom!#LLE#UPS#MNE#TheAlmighty#AllaXulElu#LoKey

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